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Promoting Preventive Health Across the Sunshine Coast

Multimodality Health and Wellness Services on The Sunshine Coast

At our clinics, we focus on the essential elements — joints, muscles, and the overall body. Our team works to adjust, move, teach, re-train, and align everything so that your body functions optimally.

Chiropractic Care

Sports Chiropractic



Exercise Physiology


Flexion Distraction Therapy

Laser Therapy

Our Philosophy

At CNS Health Co., we are dedicated to enhancing your health through personalised preventative care. Our approach is holistic; we assess and treat your body’s needs by examining joints, muscles, and overall physical function to ensure optimal well-being.

Proudly serving the Sunshine Coast for over a decade, we’ve helped countless individuals and families achieve better health through comprehensive and customised care plans. Whether you need injury rehabilitation, chronic condition management, or preventive health strategies, our experienced teams across our four locations are here to support your journey to living well.

How We Optimise Your Body Mechanics

Our Team

Our team of experiences practitioners are committed to delivering quality care in chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, exercise physiology and acupuncture, tailored to meet the unique health needs of each patient.

Our Treatments

Our services focus on preventative health, offering everything from chiropractic care and physiotherapy to specialised treatments like massage therapy, personal training, innovative laser therapy, exercise physiology and accupuncture all designed to enhance well-being and promote optimal functioning.

 Four Locations

Our clinics are strategically located in Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Noosaville, and Tin Can Bay, ensuring you have access to top-quality preventive healthcare no matter where you are on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Key To Living Well is a Focus On Preventative Health

Our services at CNS Health Co. are designed to cater to a wide range of health needs across the Sunshine Coast, ensuring that each patient receives targeted, effective treatment. Whether it’s physiotherapy for injury recovery, massage therapy to improve circulation and reduce pain, or innovative laser therapy for faster healing, our tailored approach ensures effective treatment no matter where on the Sunshine Coast you are.

The Team

At CNS Health Co., we pride ourselves on having a diverse and skilled team of health professionals across our various locations on the Sunshine Coast. Here is a brief overview of our team members and their qualifications.

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